I’m THAT person who over-works myself so I threw some animation into the basic illustration of my OC (class assignment)

I’m THAT person who over-works myself so I threw some animation into the basic illustration of my OC (class assignment)

my oc oc animation

I drew Jiro’s dream on (my new favorite) mug! :D

this counts as art haha the wind rises is the best movie ever go watch it I want to DVD and all of the merchandise ever my face my art

the beginnings of my “Hero” for 2d Character and Environment Design!

Louis Drinker is a kid with bad lungs who is too poor to move away from his parent’s bar in the dusty, abandoned mining town he was born in. While exploring the old caves for old miner machines to take apart, he finds a robot that’s powered by an air-compressed engine. As the plot goes on, they help each other to breathe properly again… BUT the future holds a lot of struggle and action scenes for the duo! (fun fact I named Louis Drinker after the two guys who invented the iron lung!!)

my ocs another fun fact is that this story didn't originally have robots in it but it ended up being the perfect spice I was looking for B) I'm excited to see where this is headed! if I start a webcomic it's going to be with these guys probs

I’m having trouble with getting tumblr to show the file in all it’s high-quality-glory @__@

sleepy, so I’ll try again tomorrow….. besides, I got a chipotle lunch date tomorrow, and you know you just CAN’T go to chipotle unless you’re in tip-top-burrito-devouring shape 

text I love CHIPOTLE EEEEE oops I gotta make sure I have $5 to pay for my burrito btw I'm meeting my high school friend Carrie there it's not a mpb date haha I should take him to chipotle before I go back to school now that I think about it he's never been and that's simply a crime

my bf told me the other day that he watched all my livestream videos (I forgot I sent him a link a whiiiiiile back). I thought about it for a minute, then I realized WOW THAT’S EMBARRASSING because that means he saw the video (of me drawing the two of us) that I made AFTER I sent him the link;;

Haha yeahhh. but that’s ok, that’ll show him just how special that memory was for me :)

text mpb we'd only been together like a month at that point when I ralphed at his house but the next day he took me out on the back of his motorcycle and we watched (and poorly imitated) baby sheep and goats at this nearby farm and stopped at a gas station for a cream soda he just made my heart feel better all together ilubb